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Further to my last post an update that may help others.

1. I backed up the Winfax directory using a 3rd party backup program, “AIS Backup”.

2. I used “Advanced Uninstaller Pro” and removed Winfax 10.03. This time it uninstalled without stopping.

3. I rebooted and deleted the Winfax folder.

4. I restored the Winfax directory from the backed up archive made in 1. above.

5. I then reinstalled a fresh Winfax v10.03 program from the Winfax CD over the restored Winfax directory.

The result was Winfax working perfectly !!! And the Winfax print driver reinstalled and now multi-page Winfax driver printing is working again.

I still have a problem with the backup program inside Winfax being unsuccessful and not working with an error:

<> C:WinFaxData8093006.FXD
<> ** Did not commit changes to the above store **

but I don’t care as I realize I don’t need the internal winfax backup to work as I can simply backup the Winfax directory and default data sub-directory regularly and automatically and restore it if a problem using a standard 3rd party backup program.

I will experiment to see if I can fix the winfax error message in the internal winfax backup as I would prefer an additional insurance against failure of the winfax directory structure, but in meantime all is working perfectly.