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yes, this is a probem with the size of your message store. Fax log entries in the Messages message store are uncompressed; the Messages message store is therefore more suitable for short-term message storage or for storing a smaller number of messages.


There is no magical number where WinFax backup fails, but you’ve reached it. WinFax file format will only support up to 10,000 fax files in a Windows folder, since the numbering system consists of 5 unique digits & a 3 digit page number, with a file extension of FXR or FXD. So, the actual limit is 10,000 received faxes and 10,000 sent faxes but WnFax usually slows down to a crawl before this limit is reached. (Windows Explorer also has a hard time dealing with folders with 10,000 or more files) Having this many faxes in your MAIN message store just slows down WinFax (and Windows), and introduces database problems. Message stores should be created in separate windows folders, and faxes should be moved to another Message store (outside of the Main message store) if you plan on keeping records of faxes.

You can then back up each message store individually .
WinFax PRO backup will still fail if you attempt to back up all of them at the same time, even if you splt them up into separate message stores. It is unknown why, it just can’t handle that volume.