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This can occur if a fax failed during the transmission. The receipient may receive multiple copies of the same page, because the fax didn’t complete properly. The fax gets put in the outbox for re-transmission, but when completed, it will show as a single completed event.

eg. of sending a 3 page fax.
dialing, negotiating, training
page 1 sending
eop – end of page
page 2 sending
eop – end of page
page 3 sending
eop – end of page – transmission error or some other error

fax now back in outbox for retransmission.
configured to send failed pages only.
sending page 3
page 3 sent
eop – end of page
eot -end of transmission
fax completed.

one event in send log as completed fax, 2 calls. Receiver may see pages 1,2,3 and page 3 again in second transmission.