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There is no easy way to estimate how many faxes you can send a day without first estimating the time to send a single fax, because there are many factors invoved. The validity of the fax numbers you are sending, the amount of pages you are sending, the quality and contents of the fax, the time it takes for the fax machine to answer the call, unexpected line noise errors or other fax related errors that may cause the fax to be re-transmitted. All these factors increase the call times. These are all unknowns.

There is no limit to how many faxes you can send. A properly configured WinFax can manage UP TO 2,000 faxes per day but I would expect you require 2 modems to do this, and 2 fax lines, sending faxes at the same time. (Assume 1 page fax, 1 minute per fax) no answer, fax sending problem or incorrect fax number will cause sending times to increase.

It is safe to say, you can manage anywhere UP TO 1.000 single page faxes per day with WinFax on a single line.