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@dwalters711 wrote:

checked send and recieve limits. One of the two is at 73% the other at 14%. Erased lots of old faxes. reran tool and numbers did not budge. Did the rebiuld as suggested, except “default.wfb” did not exist, just my-ph-bk.wfb and one other. Problem has dissipated, but not disappeared.

If you do not have default.wfb then you select “status.wfb”, this one of files for the main send/receive log database.

If the numbers of send/receive limits did not change then you still have excessive amount of faxes in your folders. It will still be a problem. WinFax will slow down and it will take a long time for WinFax to open (if it opens at all) . Try also checking the wastebasket and deleting any files that are still in the wastebasket folder within WinFax. The default send and receive logs should not be used for long term storage of faxes. This will cause problems in WinFax as you are experiencing now.