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Thank you. Unfortunately, I do not have (I think) useful information to report. The WIn Xp Client and WIN2K Host issue remains a problem.

When Windows Firewall is active (there is no other 3rd party firewall present on any computer), the error message is as follows: “WinFax Pro is unable to connect to the WInFax Host station. RPC server is unavailable. No computer with this name has been found on your network”

Yet, when we open Windows explorer on the WIN XP client, we can see the Host computer and the shared drive on it as well. Another note is that when I tried to PING the Host station in DOS Prompt – there was a failure.

When reviewing the Event Log in System – there were NO DCOM errors reported.

When Windows Firewall is shut off on the XP client, WInFax works perfectly. In the Exceptions list I have listed the Controller as well as the Ping program. Perhaps I should list them for all computers rather than those on the subnet only. Please note – all the computers are on the same subnet.

I am sorry I am not able to provide useful information and I am also confused with this scenario. Thank you for your continued help. If you have further ideas or suggestions, I would be most appreciative.