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Thank you.

1. Yes, there are 4 WIN2K client computers connected to the WIN2K host. This has been operational for the past several years with no connection issues.
2. Disabling the Windows Firewall on the WIN Xp computer completely resolves the problem and re-enabling the Win Firewall reliably and consistently reproduces the problem. The WIN Xp client works very well with the WIN Firewall disabled.
3. The WIn firewall on the XP client has the execptions of the Controller and WFXPING (have tried both for the subnet as well as all computers in the customization).
4. The IP address of the Host is while that is the client is (both can PING each other with no problems). Both have the same subnet (I think).
5. All computers – Win2K Host and Win2K clients and WIn XP client have WinFax 10.03 installed
6. The error message when WIN Firewall is turned on – relates to the RPC server not available as the message states that the computer Host with the name stated does not exist on the network. This is strange as the computer can be PING’ed in DOS prompt as well as seen in Win Explorer while the Firewall is active. I am sure the WIN Firewall must be creating a block of some sort.

Thank you once again for your suggestions and interest.