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@kaboondy wrote:

As you have done in the past suggestions – you were absolutely correct! Doing the settings once again and then carefully exiting resulted in a functioning connection between Win XP client computer and WIN2K Host (with the Windows Firewall turned ON). Thank you once again.

I have one additonal question relating to the install – I would like to have all the client computers use the Shared Phonebook rather than the local phonebook. It seemed that when logged onto a client computer, if I clicked on the shared phonebook (once connected to), the WinFax program would continue to use the Shared Phonebook. However, when we log out of WinFax and then restart (the next day for example), the program goes back to using the local phonebook.

Is there a way to force a client computer to only use the Shared phonebook. With 5 client computers, it is much easier to update one shared phonebook rather than 5 local phonebook every time there is an additonal entry.

Thank you once again for your continued help and support. This has been a very positive experience. You have solved many of the problems with the use of WinFax and improved our efficiency.

Glad to hear that worked for you.

For the shared read-only phone book, you need to create a 2nd phone book on each client that is “linked” to the “shared” phone book you created on the Host. If you delete the local (unwanted) phone book, an empty default (local) phone book will always re-appear on the clients. There is no way to change this. The default (locally stored) phone book will always appear, just make sure that everyone using WinFax understand that adding new contacts should only be done on the Host phone book, and not within the local phone book.