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This is interesting information. For the past year, I found that the Shared Phonebook became the default phonebook when (while on the client computer) I clicked on the Shared Phonebook and then closed the window. This was not a formal setting change but simply clicking on the phonebook (when there is a local and Shared Phonebook) in the menu. Once this was done, WinFax chose the Shared Phonebook first by default saving the time/trouble of having to chose it manually for each sent fax dialogue. This “setting” change remained in effect even after shutting down and starting the computer the next day. In other words, it seemed to be a permanent change until recently. I wonder if I deleted the shared phonebook and recreated it, if it would revert the system back to the above function.

On the other hand, this remains partially true even now – once we click on the Shared Phonebook – as long as the program remains active, the “default” phone book remains the Shared Phonebook. If we exit the program (complete shutdown and exit from the program), then we have to chose the Shared Phonebook again.

This change seemed to occur after we worked on the XP – Win2K issues although I can not see how that would be related.

Thank you once again for your help.