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I can now report the following:

1. Turning the server on first did not make any difference to the selection of the Phonebook (the local default My Phonebook was selected by each computer)
2. Clearing the registry was an easy step but did not make any difference. Once the registry was cleared, the program was reopened, send dialogue activated, Shared Phonebook selected and fax was sent. The program was closed, then reopened and the send dialogue reopened to find the My phonebook was again selected. I should note that once the Shared Phonebook is selected, it remains selected for future faxes as long as the WinFax session remains active. If the program is turned off (or the computer reboots) the default My Phonebook is again selected.

In the past once the Shared Phonebook was selected, it remained the pre-selected option in the Send fax dialogue (top right window) even after a reboot.

I am sorry this did not work. I have another idea but did not have time to try it. I will delete the Shared phonebook and recreate it and see if this help and will report back. There may be a problem at that end. I have come to realize that we settings can get corrupted easily. I will report to the forum. Thank you.