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I have finally had the time to install a new WIN XP box in my network. I have the following configuration:

1. Private Wired Network (no wireless access) with no access to to the internet (hence no firewalls and no anti-virus program)
2. WinFax server is a WIN 2000 box (10.03)
3. 5 clients are WIN 2000 boxes (all 10.03)
4. A shared phonebook is located on the Server computer (the allows a single update to the shared phonebook rather than having to update each client phonebook individually whenever there is an update – we have weekly updates of new fax numbers)
5. A Shared fax database on a separate computer (where all received faxes are stored). This allows all client computers see all received faxes and manage in a shared environment. This is very helpful in an office environment where each staff has shared responsiblity.

NEW XP SP3 box has had numerous problems – Despite the win firewall being turned off – section 2 needed to be done as well as the following (detailed instructions removed to save space):

Section 1: To ensure that the Windows Firewall is enabled (turned off initially but did not work)
Section 2: To add the WinFax Controller program to the Windows Firewall Exceptions list.
Section 3: To enable Remote Administration traffic through the Firewall by enabling RPC and DCOM
Section 4: To enable machine wide, remote access to COM for Anonymous Logon users
Section 5: To enable Anonymous Logon users to have machine wide, remote activation access to COM
Section 6: To enable Anonymous Logon users to have remote activation access to the WinFax.Attachment DCOM component

Despite this, the WinFax 10.03 installation on the WIN XP SP3 computer did not access the Shared Phonebook on the Server computer. When I would send a test fax the dialogue would freeze and the program would no longer respond (requiring a “end task” command in Task Manager). When WinFax was updated to 10.04 – the SharedPhone book was readily seen and the send dialogue window was operational.

HOWEVER, there is a constant “hourglass” change to the cursor now – even when not in WinFax (ie on the desktop) as if there is a process that overtakes the computer. I was not able to define this easily in the Task Manager. This is quite irritating as every few seconds one has to click the window that one is working on as it turns “grey” and becomes “inactive”. This would make productivity very limited.

I wonder if you can figure something out from the information I have iterated above. I can provide more information if needed.

It would be nice to know if (in general) WIn XP ultimately works are effectively with WinFax as WIN2000. The main issue for me is that computers do not always have proper drivers for WIN2000 – hence the push to try to make WIN XP work. I would appreciate any help/ideas that you might have. Thank you.