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The printer drivers for WinFax do not install in Windows 7. They will not install because the WinFax printer drivers are designed on an older NT based “kernel” printer driver (type 2 driver). These types of drivers have been discontinued by Microsoft around the time that Windows XP was released (2001). As it takes time to move people to newer technologies, Microsoft allowed type 2 drivers to be installed in Windows XP , and continued to allow Type 2 printer drivers to install in Windows 2003 by way of a policy change. This gave enough time for developers to release newer drivers that would work with future operating systems.

With the release of Microsoft Vista, Microsoft blocked Type 2 printer drivers completely. This has not changed with Windows 7. Type 2 printer drivers are not allowed, and Symantec never designed a type 3 printer driver for WinFax since they never planned on upgrading the software.

Windows XP Mode under Windows 7 works, but the printer driver can’t be used in Windows 7. While this could be to some benefit to some people, its not an ideal solution to use WinFax as its drivers are only visible to Windows XP applications installed in the Virtual Windows XP machine.