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Thank you for answering so quickly,

the last week i tryed to find a rule in the only inconstant appearing problem.

Most of the time, the slow down seems to appear, when mozilla firefox is opened and the winfax task WFXSVC.EXE is shown by the taskmanager,
but there is no high CPU use of any process and i am not sure, that this combination is responsible.

In between, my AntiVir Guard told me to have found a malware with the following information:

In der Datei ‘C:Dokumente und EinstellungenuserDesktopWinFaxTools125.exe’
wurde ein Virus oder unerwünschtes Programm ‘TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen’ [trojan] gefunden.
Ausgeführte Aktion: Zugriff verweigern

Is this information maybe helpful?

The last days XP works without slowing down. I further will try to fix the problem and involved processes and hope to be able to give more informations later.