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The next time you experience this slow down in Windows XP, you’ll need to confirm that is it a WinFax module that is causing Windows XP to slow down, to do this, check your Task Manager. You can use WinFax Tools to view the Task Manager (click Task Manager in WinFax Tools). This will display the Windows Task Manager. (You can also right-click anywhere on the task bar, then select “Task Manager” from the pop up menu. In Task Manager, click on the Processes Tab. This should show a list of active processes in Windows, some of them will show a CPU usage (from 0-100%) Do any appear unusually high? If so, what are the names of the components that have a high CPU usage? Is your CPU consistantly range above 50% ?

Some of the WinFax modules to check in the process list in Task Manager are:


usually, if a WinFax module hangs and causes Windows to operate slowly, it will likely be wfxmod32, wfxctl32 or faxmng32.

Once you’ve determined which module is hanging, then we can proceed to the next step to determine what could be the problem with WinFax PRO.