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Try this with other types of documents, such as a .txt file. Does it attach the file and convert properly as a fax image? or does it print to the regular printer?

if the problem only occurs with .pdf files, then the problem is specific with Adobe. It may be file association issue, or file type settings are incorrect/missing/corrupted. WinFax uses Windows API “ShellEx” and the “printto” options to generate a fax image from a document that is associated with another program (like pdf, txt etc.). In command prompt, click start, run, type “cmd” click OK. Type “assoc .pdf” what is the result? now type “ftype ” Is should display the full path of the program that will open .pdf files.

If you have troubles with other file types, then check to make sure both WinFax PRO printer drivers are installed. You should see “WinFax” and “WinFax (Photo Quality)” drivers listed in your Control Panel/Printers. Also, at least one printer on your system must be set as the default (with a checkmark). Check all your printers and make sure there is a default printer set. In WinFax PRO setup, also confirm you have set to use “High Speed printing” instead of “Photo Quality” option. With the WinFax Controller started, right click a WinFax printer driver, click Properties, then click “Print Test Page”. Repeat for the other WinFax printer driver. Both Windows XP printer pages should be converted to fax images and appear in the WinFax send dialog screen preview window.