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I am not familiar with this modem model,

i suggest posting results of modem diagnostic codes ATi3 ATi4 etc.

Checking the Modem:

From Windows XP START, select Control Panel.
Doubleclick System.
This brings up System Properties.
Select the Hardware tab.
Then, select Device Manager

The Device Manager is displayed. In some cases, you’ll only have 1 modem related entry ; with some PCI modems, a modem or PCI enumerator may also be involved. You can also test the basic operation of the modem from the Device Manager

In Device Manager, the modem tree is expanded, the modem entry is right-clicked, then Properties is selected in the drop-down menu; The Diagnostics tab of the modem Properties box is selected; this pane includes a Query Modem button: if the modem is correctly installed, the box above the button will display a list of at commands (ati3 , ati4 etc.) and the modem’s actual response to them when you click the Query Modem button.