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“WinFax — an earlier faxing program that was integrated with Outlook — is uninstalled by Office Outlook 2007. If the viewer is currently on a user’s computer, it is uninstalled as part of the upgrade process”

That statement is a little misleading, and should read “WinFax Starter Edition — an earlier faxing program…”
This is refering to a program called “WinFax Starter Edition” , or often called “WinFax SE”, that was included as a free bundle with Outlook 98 and 2000. It was a basic version of WinFax that was part of a Microsoft/Symantec bundle deal about 10 years ago. It does not apply to WinFax PRO editions. So yes, if you were using WinFax SE with Outlook 2000 or 98, and you upgrade to Outlook 2007, you will lose WinFax SE.

As for the ACT! phonebook, the only versions of ACT! that will appear as a “direct” phonebook link in WinFax PRO 10 are ACT! 6.0x, 5.0x and 4.0x.

If you’re upgrading ACT! to another version, you’ll lose the ACT! phonebook access in WinFax.