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Thanks for your prompt reply. The following are answers to the questions posed.

1. There are no other devices connected to the same phone line.

2. Winfax was set at 2 rings. I have now reset this to 4 rings.

3. After uninstalling and reinstalling the program there are no failed fax entries in the log. After I reinstalled the
program I did receive the Symantec “welcome” messages in my receive log. All other entries are “phone call without
message” and “call cancelled”

4, I moved to a new location in October and have a bundled service with Comcast that includes Internet, Phone and Cable
TV. However, I did not have this problem until the end of January. Also, I prevously had Internet and Phone service with
Comcast at my previous location.

5. I have not attempted sending any faxes since this problem started. The program is primarily used to receive faxes. More
of my communications lately have been e-mail attachments rather than faxes.