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@Moderator wrote:

It is interesting that this was working before, and then stopped working. I would assume that the problem is that you had less free space on the hard drive previously, and then when you reached approximately 64 GB of free space, the error message appeared? (eg, less 64 GB free space, error.)

We know why the error occurs, but are not yet sure under what conditions. You can try filling your hard drive with data so you have < 64 GB free (for example, temporarily copy some ISO images or DVD images to the hard drive to take up chunks of 4GB or 8GB space to reduce total free space)

Sorry, I see your answer only today….
My Winfax keeps giving the same error but the free space on disk is now around 70 GB.
I am trying to download the patch, but I think my antivirus doesnt like this…
Anyway thank you, when I’ll try the patch I’ll to tell you the results