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modem used to be by default on COM4. then i tried to find COM4 on winfax modem setup and in the beginning I had COM1, COM 2 and TAPI. anyway with my tenth try I somehow managed to find and install COM4 in winfax. even then winfax wouldn’t work and kept saying ‘no connection with modem, COM4 error’ and similar. then I physically moved modem from one slot to another and windows put it by default on COM11. there was no way COM11 would pop up in winfax modem settings. then I put modem in control panel on COM2 and on the same port in winfax, it also kept saying ‘modem not connected, modem error and similar’. I emphasize, modem passed every query test, it was successful. I did try to update it (found some update oin the net) but didn’t try this one you posted, so I’m gonna try in the morning. it’s simple, even if they are on the same COM port, winfax pro won’t work because of modem disconnection. I really don’t know what to do. as far as I can see, winfax stopped being manufactured in 2006. is there any good fax program I can use instead? which modem do I have to have for that program? what modem do you have? thank you very much for your patience, you can see here rookie trying to solve pro problems.