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    observed 3com windows modem PCI ADI say not present and now say 3com windows modem PCI ADI #2 attached to com4. below is the view log for 3com windows modem PCI ADI, hopefully you can tell me what went wrong and a solution.

    12-31-2010 16:19:24.390 – File: C:WINNTsystem32unimdm.tsp, Version 5.0.2195 – Retail
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.390 – File: C:WINNTsystem32unimdmat.dll, Version 5.0.2195 – Retail
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.390 – File: C:WINNTsystem32uniplat.dll, Version 5.0.2195 – Retail
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.390 – File: C:WINNTsystem32driversmodem.sys, Version 5.0.2195 – Retail
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.390 – File: C:WINNTsystem32modemui.dll, Version 5.0.2195 – Retail
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.390 – Modem type: 3Com Windows Modem PCI ADI
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.390 – Modem inf path: mdm3cisa.inf
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.390 – Modem inf section: ADIPCI_Device
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.390 – 115200,8,N,1, ctsfl=1, rtsctl=2
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.390 – Initializing modem.
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.406 – Send: AT
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.453 – Recv:
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.453 – Interpreted response: OK
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.468 – Send: AT&F1E0Q0V1&C1&D2S0=0
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.515 – Recv:
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.515 – Interpreted response: OK
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.531 – Send: AT&A0
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.578 – Recv:
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.578 – Interpreted response: OK
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.593 – Send: AT&A0
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.640 – Recv:
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.640 – Interpreted response: OK
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.656 – Send: ATS7=60S19=0L2M1&M4&K1&H1&R2&I0B0X4
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.703 – Recv:
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.703 – Interpreted response: OK
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.703 – Waiting for a call.
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.718 – Send: ATS0=0
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.765 – Recv:
    12-31-2010 16:19:24.765 – Interpreted response: OK


    What type of modem is this? Is it an internal PCI card type modem (installed inside the PC), or an external USB type modem?

    If it is an external USB (or other type of external modem) the problem could be when you unplug it, and plug it back in, the operating system may still hold (reserve) the com port, but install the drivers automatically for a different com port – you get multiple instances of the same modem in the operating system. (example the same modem model followed by a #2, #3, #4 … ) This is a problem for any software that uses the modem because WinFax (and any other software) that is preconfigured for a specific modem will appear as “Not present” and have to be reconfigured again with the new modem name listed in Windows. Try avoid unplugging the modem in this case. If you are not unplugging the modem, and this continues to occur then you would have to manually go into the Control Panel, Modems area and remove all the modems listed, and then perform a manual “Add” a modem option to re-add the proper modem back into the system (so only 1 modem appears in the list, and it correctly shows the com port it is connected to).

    If this is an internal PCI card modem, then you have a hardware problem with the setup of the modem in Windows. This may be a hardware conflict where you have some other device that is conflicting with the modem IRQ causing it be moved to another port by the operating system. This is not normal if it occurs by itself with no hardware changes on the system. If this is happening, then this is well beyond the scope of this forum for troubleshooting and will likely require you to physically remove the hardware and insert into another slot on the motherboard (as recommended by U.S. Robotics) and/or adjusting the computer’s BIOS so an IRQ is reserved for a specific slot and the modem. This is one of the drawbacks of using a software based modem.

    The log below shows the actual commands sent by the computer to the modem to perform a function. It does not show and specific problem related to the issue you are having above.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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