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    I am unable to incorporate the area code and fax number field in WinFax Pro 10, merging to a Word2000 document. I’m running on a Windows 2000 Workstation w/ Office 2000. Macros installed.

    Data is being imported from an Access 2000 table, in which the Area Code and Fax Number occupy two separate fields. I’m in Chicago, IL. We have MANY area codes. Faxes will merge and launch, but without area code. So, only current area code will complete. According to Symantec, “The fax number stored in the database souce must have the appropriate area codes and long distance codes if required.” Does this mean BOTH the Area Code AND Fax number must reside within the same field? If so, that’s BOGUS!! WinFax (up to 9.0) used the DDEFaxMerge fields. I liked those little guys!

    Can anyone PLEASE Help???? I may be missing something small, or just the functionality isn’t there (hard to understand).

    Thank You,

    -Patrick Kane :p :p :p :p



    I know that the Symantec macro requires both the 1 and the area code. The GetFaxing one only requires the area code and local (7 digit) number. Unfortunately, the current macros (both Symantec and GetFaxing) require that the area code is included with the local 7 digit number.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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