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    How do I get a report that shows all faxes sent? The send log only shows about 1 week of faxes. Thanks.


    The reporting feature allows you to generate and print out detailed reports, so that you can closely track the usage of your TalkWorks / WinFax system.

    Choose from four different types of report to track Incoming and Outgoing Calls, Fax on Demand usage, and Hang-ups. NOTE: WinFax does not include fax on demand.

    Each report is generated using criteria you specify, so that you decide which folders and mailboxes, dates, and types of message are included in the report, as well as the order in which the event records are sorted.

    1 Start Message Manager.

    2 On the Tools menu, click Create Report and then click the type of report you want to create. The Folder Selection dialog appears.

    3 Check the Answering System and mailbox folders for which you want to generate the report. Click Next. The Report Data dialog appears.

    4 Look at the Report Title field. You can either use the default title as it appears, or type in a different descriptive title for the report.

    5 In the Date Range section, specify the Date Range you want the report to encompass. You can either click All, or type two dates between which all records will be included in the report.

    6 In the Message Type section, specify the type(s) of event records you want to have included in the report. Click the checkboxes to select Fax Events, Voice Events, or both.

    Note This step applies to certain types of report only.

    7 Click Next. The Report Sorting dialog appears.

    8 In the Group By field select the primary criteria by which you would like the event records in the report to be sorted (for example, you may want the events to be sorted by Date or by the Mailbox with which they are associated).

    9 In the Sort fields that follow, select additional criteria by which you would like events to be sorted within the primary grouping. For example, you may want the records sorted first by Date, then, within each date grouping, by Mailbox.

    10 Click Finish. TalkWorks generates the report and displays it in a separate report window. In this window you can view and print the report.


    Reports cannot be saved.

    If your generated report appears blank, or appears to be incomplete, click the Lightening button on the report toolbar to refresh the report information.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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