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    I am trying to automate sending a fax from within ACT! 6.0 using WinFax Pro 10. Right now I have to go through 4 steps each time I want to send a fax to a contact. Is it possible to have the whole thing automated? i.e. An icon on the ACT toolbar brings up the fax page, with the contact name and fax number filled in, sends it to WinFax Pro, and have WinFax Pro send it.

    Hope this is a satisfactory question for this forum. I am not a programmer and am looking to see if this can be done. TIA


    WinFax used to have pretty good integration with ACT software, but when Symantec sold the ACT product line, support for the two integrated products went downhill. I am not sure what type of integration is available with ACT & WinFax PRO 10.0, but its probably limited.

    If ACT has its own programming (or macro type language) it is possible to develop some sort of link to automate the process)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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