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    Hi all

    Very proud to meet this website and see all great opinions about Winfax which I, as administrator of a law firm, have used Winfax for 10 years…and bitware for years…. 😎

    I have recently found the call discrimination and distinctive rings options are hidden in different PCs (probably because of different modem models in these PCs). I wonder if the options depends on the modem testing when Winfax test initially the device to “Modems and Communications Devices” before you add to the devices lists. If that modem testing tested that modem support call discrimination and/ or distinctive ring, it will show it as an checkbox option. If not, it will be hidden.

    Or we wonder if it is Talkwork Pro which if you install it, it will trigger the options to be opened. I wonder this as I have clearly see such options open in Talkwork Pro. I wonder if this mean that modem is supportive of Call discrimination and distinctive rings. I wonder also if installation of Talkwork Pro trigger such options to be opened in Winfax……….

    Many thanks to any reply to the above. I am a long supporter of u all in Winfax developments. 🙂


    Call discrimination depends on the modem driver that is installed, if your modem supports call discrimination then this option should appear. In some cases, like the US Robotics modem this option doesn’t appear and you might have to manually enable this feature in WinFax and the modem.

    As for Distintive ring, this is also dependent on the modem installed in Windows (it must support distinctive ring as well) but in addition to this, the operating system can only be Windows 95/98. Unfortunately, Windows 2000, NT or XP does not support Distinctive Ring

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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