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    Using WinFax Pro v10.04 on XP SP2.

    Sometimes I take documents from two different incoming faxes (serially, one after the other, via WinFax Pro Viewer), and “print” them via the WinFax (Photo Quality) driver to WinFax Pro’s Send dialog, in order to create a single outgoing fax of multiple pages.

    I’ve not had issues with this particular method in the past – having stitched together faxes exceeding 30 pages for years.

    Lately, however, while WinFax Viewer appears to successfully “print” them (read: a dialog comes up while in the Viewer to show the individual pages being counted / created / spooled), the pages don’t show up in the WinFax Send window.

    At this point, attempts to close the Send window to start the process again result in the appearance of a small “Cancel Send” window with the text ‘Please wait…” and no actionable buttons.

    For all intents and purposes, WinFax then is frozen. No particular process thread identifies itself in Task Manager; the CPU is not unduly busy, and PC operations otherwise seem unaffected.

    However, regaining control of WinFax at this point requires rebooting the PC.

    ? ? ? ? ?

    At the bottom of this note is a link (as a result of the quoted search on the Topic Title above) to what appears to be a previous discussion on this forum germane to the topic, though the link itself leads to a page which says the content has been moved.

    iB::Topic::sending problemsWhen we cancel ‘send’ the program locks up the computer…need to reboot. Thanks

    Cherie Haun. Offline …
    http://www.getfaxing.com/cgi-bin/ib315/ikonboard.cgi?act=NW;f=17;t=343 – Similar pages


    Do you also have problems printing any document to the WinFax (Photo Quality) printer driver?

    Go into Control Panel, Printers.
    Select the WinFax (Photo Quality) printer
    Right-Click and select “Properties”
    click Print Test Page.

    Does the WinFax Send Dialog appear with a “WIndows XP” printer test page in the WinFax send dialog preview thumbnail window?


    By direct response, I can print to both the 100×100 and 200×100 (Photo Quality) drivers – and both bring up the Send dialog as expected.

    The issue is that after the Send dialog comes up, and I use the Message Manager to choose another event from which I want to retrieve a page to “print” from the WinFax Viewer (as WinFax doesn’t allow two ‘Send’ windows to be open concurrently), the expected page:

    a) appears to be printed / spooled from within the Viewer;
    b) doesn’t appear within the Send dialog;
    c) attempts to close the Send window to start the process again freezes WinFax apps with a ‘Cancel Send’ dialog box with the text ‘Please wait…’ in it and no other actionable buttons or window controls

    The workaround I’ve since developed is to log off the user and log on. This is better than rebooting, though not by much …


    We’ve tested this and can’t reproduce this problem.

    Did you update to WinFax PRO 10.04 from a WinFax PRO 10.03 version? are you using 10.04 for Fax Sharing on a network with only Windows XP SP2 machines, otherwise, you should not be using this version.

    Are you printing the same fax from the viewer to the WinFax photo quality printer driver when the send dialog is open? Have you tried other fax pages from the viewer? Does it hang after a specific amount of pages? We’ve tried 30-60 pages without problems (v10.03 Windows XP SP2)

    Are you using the WinFax “Mini” Viewer?

    Have you tried “Insert Fax” from Logs instead? (This option is available from the Send Dialog box and does not involve printing to the driver)


    @turnitonagain wrote:

    By direct response, I can print to both the 100×100 and 200×100 (Photo Quality) drivers – and both bring up the Send dialog as expected.

    and did the WinFax XP Test page appear in the preview thumbnail window in addition to the default cover page (if enabled)?


    Yes, the WinFax test page was successful.

    Yes, WinFax v10.04 is used to support successful fax sharing on an XP SP2 – based network.

    No, not printing the same fax from the Viewer … opening a fax event from Message Manager (Receive Log) to display within the Viewer; selecting some pages to send which opens the Send window; closing the Viewer; opening a different fax from Message Manager (Receive Log) to display within the Viewer), selecting some pages to send to the pre-opened Send window; closing the Viewer; et cetera.

    Yes, I’ve tried combinations of other events / faxes from within the Viewer; same result.

    No, it doesn’t hang given a certain number of pages, and as a sidenote, I’m pretty religious about clearing temporary files and keeping a fair bit of space available on the partitions where WinFax program and data reside.

    No, not using the “Mini” viewer …

    Using “Insert Fax From Log” offers no difference in behaviour.

    There seems to be a difference in behaviour between using “File>Send…” and “File>Print…” from within the Viewer.

    If I use “File>Print…” exclusively from within the Viewer for page assembly, things continue without a hitch.

    However, starting with “File>Send…” and then using “File>Print…” within successive Viewer sessions to build an outgoing fax leads to the stated hang issue.


    I understand you check for tmp files, but check again in the following folders:

    WinFax Data folder (Click Help, About to determine the WinFax data folder that is being used)
    Do you have any .tmp files in this data folder? such as 2157TMP.TMP, 2516TMP.TMP, 2467010.TMP etc…etc..
    If so, remove them. Do not delete .tmp FOLDERS.

    Check your Windows system folder (usually WINNT or WINDOWS). Since this is a system folder, you may have to “unhide” it to review the files in this folder. If using search, make sure you check the options to show hidden and system files.
    Do you have any wfxdrvxx.tmp or wfxsemxx.tmp files? (where xx = 00 through 99)
    If so, remove them.

    Try again adding pages to the open send dialog box by printing from the viewer.

    If those two steps above didn’t resolve the problem, then how many files do you have in WinFax’s data folder? (approx.)

    How many .FXD (WinFax image) type files do you have in this folder? (approx)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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