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    Winfax 10.3 XP pro and W2K

    This should be simple. Trying to send a simple RTF file as an attachment. Getting the error

    Cannot send the binary file as a winfax image as because the program need to print this file cannot be found


    Have tried with txt and rtf files, XP and W2K, same thing. The file association for these file extensions is there. Seng the files manually as as file attachments through winfax works OK.

    I am sure I have got this to work before though – but now am not so sure.

    Sample code (sending a txt file):

      Set oFaxSend = New wfxctl32.CSDKSend
      oFaxSend.SetTo ("SomeOne else")
      oFaxSend.SetSubject ("Test Fax: xxxx")
      oFaxSend.SetCompany ("Test Company Name")
      oFaxSend.SetNumber ("95555555555")
      oFaxSend.AddAttachmentFile ("File1.txt")
      iRes = oFaxSend.Send(0)

    Any pointers appreciated.


    check out the sample Word code


    you need to allow WinFax enough time to convert and process the attachment


    Thanks for replying. No that did not work – I get the problem with RTF and TXT files. I had already tried something like this – and also including a sleep for a number of seconds. I agree this seems like some sort of timing issue.

    I have sort of got this to work (not ideally) by adding the attachment to the attachments collection, identifying the index in the collection through use of a keyword and using oFaxsend.AddAttachment(index).

      Set oAttach = CreateObject("winfax.attachments")
      Set oNewAttach = oAttach.NewAttachment
      oNewAttach.SetKeywords ("ThisFile")
      oNewAttach.SetFileName ("C:FaxTestThisFile.txt")
      Set oNewAttach = Nothing
      Set oAttach = Nothing
    Rem Seems to get the count wrong unless the we do this
      Set oAttach = CreateObject("winfax.attachments")
      iCount = oAttach.Count()
      If iCount <> 0 Then
       For iSub = 1 To iCount
           If IsObject(oNewAttach) Then
               Set oNewAttach = Nothing
           End If
           Set oNewAttach = oAttach.Item(iSub)
           sKeyWd = oNewAttach.GetKeywords
           If sKeyWd = "ThisFile" Then
               Exit For
           End If
      End If

    This isn’t ideal because it will end up clogging the attachments collection up (is there any unpublished way of deleting attachments through the API?) – but it seems to work consistently.

    ??? Unfortunately – I am now onto the next problem. Word is not installed but WordViewer is. Winfax fires up WordViewer OK but cannot seem to auto print through WordViewer.


    deleting attach.db will remove the attachment database.

    Try setting the default printer to WinFax and then right click a .Txt or .RTF file in Explorer and select Print from the pop-up menu. If you can’t automatically print .txt or .rtf by right-clicking in Explorer, then automatic printing will not work in WinFax.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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