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    When trying to send a fax, the process ends with no outgoing icon in the system tray. Printed a test page and this was OK. With WinFax Tools, ended all tasks and the ran No Pages Fix. Got error message about WFXSNT40.EXE, proceeded, then said that this problem was fixed. Rebooted and still have the initial problem. In printers area only show one WinFax printer. I am not sure but don’t think that I can receive faxes as well. I ran the modem check and everything is OK.
    I do not show a build up of anything in the Outbox.


    Try the following in WinFax Tools:

    Click Logs & Phonebooks button.
    Click Rebuild Logs & Phonebooks
    Click Yes to prompt to proceed.
    Select the “status.wfb” file from the file list, click OK.

    This should rebuild your default send/receive log.

    To add the 2nd fax printer in WinFax :
    Click on Install & Setup Tools button
    Click on Install Printer Driver button.
    there are no messages if the install is completed successfully (may take up to 1 minute)
    if there is a message, the install was unsuccessful.

    To confirm if the install was successful, in WinFax Tools:
    Click “Show Printers” button.
    You should see at least two WinFax PRO printers. “WinFax” and “WinFax (Photo Quality)”

    To test sending and receiving fax…
    Try sending a fax to 1-888-473-2963. After the fax is successfully sent, the service will send you a return fax automatically within 5 minutes to test receive (providing your caller id is accurate for your fax #)


    Dialog box: Fax/Modem alert PCI Soft Voice SoftRing Modem with Smart SP
    Unable to create message
    Error in message store

    Using WinFax tools per your directions:
    Dialog box: DELFIX.EXE has encountered a problem & needs to close. We are sorry for inconvenience.

    Trying to rebuild printer driver per your directions:
    No compatibility changes were applied
    Install printer driver? = Yes

    After receiving no further messages, rebooted computer (cold) and second driver was not displayed
    Tried sending fax, nothing happened. No outgoing icon in system tray.


    The default message store is corrupt. This will prevent you from sending faxes.

    You could force WinFax to replace these files with a new, empty, new message store. This can be done by moving the “STATUS” files out of the Data folder while WinFax is NOT active. This shouldn’t be done unless these message store folders are empty or you delete the faxes in these folders first. You will lose all your faxes if you do this.

    Under “Messages” you should have “Outbox”, “Receive Log”, “Send Log” and “Wastebasket”. Do you have any faxes and/sub folders created within these folders?


    Thank you very much. After a long arduous journey we are up A & running.

    Kudos to getfaxing.com


    @pp-pecksable wrote:

    Thank you very much. After a long arduous journey we are up A & running.

    Kudos to getfaxing.com

    Glad to hear everything is working.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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