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    Winfax 10.03 — I have ONE fax number that I connect to that I can no longer send faxes to from Winfax. It used to connect and transmit, but end user changed their fax receive services. My “regular” fax machine connects fine, but winfax says “can’t communicate with the modem, please try powering.” If I Hit OK, same message comes back. If I wait – I get a “no carrier” message in Winfax. Then I delete from Outbox, otherwise the sequance will continue again.

    Have made no other changes – and faxes to other locations work fine.


    Its possible this is a flow control problem, it can generate this error in WinFax while sending faxes. It usually occurs during the sending of multiple pages, where the error might appear after the 2nd page.

    If you find this only occurs with a specific recipient, it may be a problem with compatibility with your fax modem and the fax device the recipient is using, in some cases the solution might be to disable hardware flow control and adjust speed settings for sending (9600BPS). The only problem with this is it will effect all the faxes you send, so you might want to try one change such as disabling hardware flow control and see if it solves the problem while still allowing you to send faxes to other recipients without error.

    I’d suggest posting more info on your current fax modem setup, along with the type of fax modem you are using. If you have any details on the fax device the recipient is using, you can post those details too.


    Occurs on a one page test fax. Hw Flow Control is On. I will turn it off.

    Smartlink 56K faxmodem – Class I, TAPI PCI Slot 3
    XP Home, SP3
    driver ver =

    this is with one recipient. i know they switched to some type of fax to email conversion system (high volume) like an efax. They gave me a specific phone number to try when I tried troubleshooting with them (in case it was a forwarding issue, etc). That resulted in the same issue.

    Again – a regular hardware fax machine using the same phone line does work with them.



    You might want to check this site regarding Smartlink modems


    the 4.20.01 drivers are available here (use the premium downloads user name and password to access this area)


    If you decide to update the modem drivers ensure you have a current system restore point incase you need to go back to the old drivers, or a copy of the older drivers if needed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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