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    For several months now I have been having the problem of Winfax Pro not adding attachments or otherwise printing documents as attachments. All I see is the cover page.

    I’m running Windows XP Home – SP2.

    I have tried re-installing Winfax Pro and have applied the “WinFaxNoPagesFix.exe” patch several times without success.

    In addition, when I try to close the Winfax send window after a failed attachment, the program hangs.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there a certain procedure I should follow to correct this problem?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.



    Start WinFax Controller.
    go to control panel, printers
    select the winfax pro printer driver, right-click the icon and select properties.
    click on “Print Test Page”

    Does the WinFax Send Dialog appear with the cover page (if enabled) along with an image of the Windows Printer Test Page?




    Only the cover page appears.



    Also, when I try to close the Winfax Pro Send window I get a popup window saying “Cancel Send” …. “Please wait.”

    It stays on forever until I finally have to end the process in Task Manager.



    Try downloading and running WinFaxToolsFull.exe from the Downloads area. Run the WinFax Pages Fix option. What is the message that appears after you run this?

    Also, delete temporary files.

    Reboot the computer and try WinFax again.



    WinFax PRO Tools window pops up & says “Done processing, Changes have been applied, you need to reboot the computer.”

    I’ll reboot & see what happens & let you know.



    Still the same problem.

    What next?



    what version of WinFax PRO (Help, About…)

    do you have WFXSNT40.EXE in your start up ?
    (it should be running when Windows XP SP2 starts)

    If you are using 10.02 or higher, you should also have a program called WFXSWTCH.EXE active and in your startup group.

    If these two programs have been deleted or removed out of your startup, WinFax will not be able to send any attachments (or print to the winfax driver)

    you may also receive messages “WinFax is not active for this account”



    I’m running WinFax PRO version 10.03.

    Both WFXSNT40.EXE & WFXSWTCH.EXE are in start up & are active.

    In addition, also active are WFXCLT32.EXE & WFXSVC.EXE.



    try re-running the winfax setup file, wtnsetup.exe, found in the WinFax directory/folder.

    also try running insprint.exe, also from the WinFax directory/folder. (This will reinstall the printer drivers)
    also ensure the printer is set to print on the “FaxModem
    port, for example, “WinFax on FaxModem” and “WinFax (Photo Quality) on FaxModem”

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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