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    I see that there is a topic that addresses my question almost to a ‘t’. IE: WinFax hangs or closes…..

    I was TOLD by an MS tech to remove WinFax to allow me to install XP SP3. Of course this was bad information it should have been left alone. I spent hours trying to get it reinstalled and working like it was for so many years.

    I have removed all traces of Winfax, registry, win.ini, .tmp files etc from the machine. When I installed it the last time it seemed to be OK but I had NO icons on my desktop nor could I add info like the CSID without it shutting the window on me. I mistakenly blamed the failure on SP3 when according to what I read here it’s because of IE7! Who knew? I spent hours trying to get this thing to work and finally was directed to your forum by one of the folks in the MS newsgroup. There are lots of them that left WinFax in place and installed SP3 with no trouble at all, I was given bad advice by MS to remove it that’s for sure.

    My question is will the small file that you have available fix this problem or should I get premium membership and go for the full version?

    Also I assume you install WinFax and then run the patch correct?

    Thank you all very much for your help, Winfax is great and never should have been dropped by Symantec imho.



    the download should resolve this issue , you need to run this first then install winfax
    full version contains many other fixes and tools and is recommended if you intend on using WinFax with Windows XP
    plus you get access to all the forums here and any future update files and fixes.


    I will get a premium membership and get the larger file.

    Are you suggesting that the small one won’t work with XP?

    And like the small file.. install the patch BEFORE another WinFax install correct?

    Thank you for your prompt attention and speedy reply, this has been driving me batty!



    @Tinsby wrote:

    I paid by PayPal this morning EST and I have the page that shows it. But I can’t see how to access the file I need : WINFAXPROFULL.exe

    I thought it was all automatic when I registered. can someone please update my account so I can get WinFax back on my machine?



    You need to perform step 3 in the Subscription process to expedite your subscription activation, so we know which account is to be upgraded to Premium Member Status. http://www.getfaxing.com/services.htm

    I’ve done this manually for you, so your account is now activated.

    The file you require is WinFaxToolsFull.exe in the Patches & Update section


    Please READ THIS First or else you cannot access the download area:


    Once you download and run WinFaxToolsFull.Exe, click “Fix Entry Problem” button. Follow the steps on the dialog box. Restart Windows, then reinstall WinFax.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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