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    I’m using Winfax PRO 10.02,few years already,with no problems.Today while trying to send fax ,the dialog box behaved normal at the begining- “dialing noise”,”connectig” then it switched to other action(I don’t remember the exact name),but it failed to send.I tryed some other numbers,and the same phenomena appeared. I restarted the PC -no change. At the moment now while trying to send a fax-the dilog box appered shortly,and disappeared immediately with no action. I’m stucked with no idea what to do. Can anyone give me an idea or direction to solve the problem.


    Check your send log for the error message that is indicated for those failed faxes. This may help give you a clue where the error is occuring


    I’m having the same problem. 2 days ago i was able to send faxes. Yesterday I wasn’t able to. When i try to send a fax, it won’t do anything.


    How are you sending faxes? are you printing from another application? Does the Send Dialog box appear where you enter your fax number? Do all the pages of the fax image appear in the preview window?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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