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    I have been running winfax pro 10 for ages now suddenly my HP laserjet 3055 accepts incoming faxes but I cannot view the received faxes on my PC. MY receive log on the PC shows failed X fax in but I can manually print it from the 3 in 1 fax/printer/scanner by going throught the menu on the 3 in 1 itself, does anyone know a solution?Fax rings for incoming fax, automatic answer is set to answer on 2 rings, but I cannot view it on the PC


    if the HP received the fax, you will not be able to view the fax in WinFax. Only one fax machine (either winfax, or your HP ) can receive the same fax.

    If you want WinFax to receive faxes, disconnect the HP, or set it to a greater amount of rings so it does not interfere with WinFax when answering the fax call

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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