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    When I “Start Message Manager” a dialog box appears “Corrupt data. The database ‘C:Program FilesWinFaxDataMY-PH-BK has been corrupted and must be rebuilt before it can be accessed again. DELFIX.EXE will be started now to rebuild the database.”. Next a dialog box appears “You must stop WinFax to proceed. Stop WinFax? = Yes”. Next a dialog box appears “An Error was found wen examining the database. Do you want to attempt to fix it? = Yes”. Next dialog box “Database rebuild aborted. Unable to open the primary database file. = OK”. Next dialog box,” An error was found when examining the database. Do you want to attempt to fix it? = Yes” At this point there are no further prompts/dialog boxes. I have tried using the WinFax Tools but this does not help. This is a reinstall.


    Do you have previous WinFax phone book data that you require to be recovered? It appears you are describing is a corrupt phone book that cannot be repaired automatically. In some cases it may be able to be recover the phone book there is a good chance that it cannot if the main database file (that contains the actual data) is missing.

    The first thing you should do is use WinFax Tools and click on the “WinFax Info” to determine your WinFax data location. Usually, this is c:program fileswinfaxdata or c:program filessymantecwinfaxdata. —> In your case, it should be “C:Program FilesWinFaxData”

    Once you’ve determined this location, go to this folder and look for files that have the name “MY-PH-BK”. These files are your “default” phonebook that is named “My Phonebook” in WinFax.
    make sure you sort the view alphabetically so you group the my-ph-bks files together.

    here is an example of files you should see (sizes and dates will not match) :

    03/28/2013  10:56 PM               188 MY-PH-BK.WFB
    03/28/2013 11:02 PM 1,536 MY-PH-BK.WFD
    04/08/2013 02:28 PM 128 MY-PH-BK.WFF
    03/28/2013 11:02 PM 54 MY-PH-BK.WFG
    03/28/2013 10:56 PM 0 MY-PH-BK.WFR
    03/28/2013 11:02 PM 24,984 MY-PH-BK.WFX
    03/28/2013 11:02 PM 256 MY-PH-BK2.WFD
    03/28/2013 11:02 PM 54 MY-PH-BK2.WFG
    03/28/2013 11:02 PM 1,256 MY-PH-BK2.WFX
    03/28/2013 10:56 PM 256 MY-PH-BKS.WFD
    03/28/2013 11:02 PM 54 MY-PH-BKS.WFG
    03/28/2013 10:56 PM 2,196 MY-PH-BKS.WFX

    review the files above, do you also have 12 files? do you have less? If less, what files are missing?


    I have all 12 files. I also have a series of files: Status, StatusS, Status2 & Status3

    Location C:Program FilesWinFaxData


    The status files you mention are your send/receive and outbox log entries. We can assume these database files are ok since it is the default phone book files that are generating the error message within WinFax PRO.

    If you can email a copy of the MY-PH-BK files (all 12 files) to us at faxsupport (at) getfaxing.com and we’ll try to recover the files for you. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that we can recover the phone book. If you know how many phone book contacts should be within the file (estimate if you are not sure), also include this in your email.


    I found that two files are corrupt/mismatched, MY-PH-BK.WFD and MY-PH-BK2.WFX. The remaining files are the default sizes for a normal, empty phonebook.

    The MY-PH-BK.WFD file holds all the phone book entries. If it is critical that you need to manually recover a specific name and fax number, you could use a Hex/Text Editor and review some of the data from the MY-PH-BK.WFD file directly.

    The only thing you can do is to fix this error from appearing in WinFax is to delete all 12 of the “MY-PH-PB” files from your “C:Program FilesWinFaxData” folder. WinFax will automatically determine these files are missing, and create a new set of “default” MY-PH-PB” phone book files. Before you delete or remove them from the folder. make sure the WinFax PRO controller, WinFax Message Manager and all other programs are shut down/closed. You can’t delete these files (or at least all of them ) if WinFax is still active. !! NOTE You have to delete all 12 of the MY-PH-BK files while WinFax is not active !!

    After you do this, restart WinFax PRO. The “My Phonebook” folder should now now have 1 default contact name with a “Wastebasket” folder. The error message should no longer appear when starting WinFax PRO.


    From some reason I had 13 files MY-PH-BK. After deleting all files, restarting computer/Message Manager there are no more error messages and I could recover/rebuild my custom phone books. Thank you.

    Next problem: When sending a fax, I get to the WinFax Pro Send window, enter information, press Send button and then the fax is never sent. There is no indication of an outgoing fax in the system tray. I ran the modem check and everything is OK.


    the 13th file was likely a .dmp file, which is just a file that contains the results of a rebuild/optimize for the specific database.
    as for problems sending and receiving faxes, I suggest posting a message in the “Send and Receive” forum – also include if the fax appears in your “Outbox’ folder and the type of fax modem you are using.

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