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    I have solved this problem all by luck … but interesting for all …

    For two days (48 hrs) I was struggling to save my logs and faxes and I just made it. The problem was the creation in the data folder of a 1 kb corrupt *.fxr (strangely in the recycle was reported as 4 kb my system is clean and has fresh win installation) that when you were going to “incoming” folder the program would crash (faxmng32.exe has generated errors), all other folders were reachable and the program was working O.K. I reinstalled it about 20 times, I played with the registry deleting things, I spend hours in symantec and other forums, I tried all the repair tools available in the program (rebuilt etc) the “incoming” was unreachable…in doing all this I discovered how messy logging system winfax is based (compared to Eudora & others where everything is there under all conditions and can never loose the logs). I found the problem just bychance after giving up all rest … I started opening all the 250 faxes (.fxr in data) by the viewer when thied the above the viewer also crashed. So be aware of up to 5 kb files or otherwise one day you will say good bye to all your logs.

    These files which caused the error are available for limited time for anybody asking. The files were created by winfax and there is no virus in the system or nor these files have any virus.


    yes the log system is a nightmare! it was based on WinFax PRO 7.0 structure and hasn’t changed since that version!

    thanks for sharing your experiences and posting a solution

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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