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    A complete VB module is now available for purchase — includes every single DDE function available in all versions of WinFax that support DDE.



    Download demo WinFax DDE Development Kit for Visual Basic

    Dynamic data exchange (DDE) is a mechanism supported by the Microsoft Windows operating system that enables two applications to “talk” to each other by continuously and automatically exchanging data. DDE automates the manual cutting and pasting of data between applications, providing a faster vehicle for updating information.

    Sources, Destinations and Conversations

    Two applications exchange information by engaging in a DDE conversation. This is similar to a conversation between two people. The application that initiates the conversation is called the “destination application”, or just the “destination”; the application responding to the destination is the “source application” or “source”

    Some documentation may refer “sourceâ€

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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