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    hi there…
    this is really the only forum I found which has any info on the winfax program, so hopefully someone will be able to help me!

    I have a slight problem – we currently have winfax pro 10.03 and use the wastebasket option which deletes faxes on exit of program.

    My nan uses winfax as well, and accidently moved some sent faxes to the wastebasket without realising.
    When she exited, of course these were lost.

    Therefore, I am wondering if there is any way of restoring these deleted faxes?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂


    if they are gone from the wastebasket (deleted) then those files are gone.You will not be able to recover your log structure.

    unfortunately, they are deleted within WinFax so they do not appear in the “Recycle Bin”.

    You might have some success “undeleting” them using a file recovery software (un-erasel), but I can’t comment if that is possible for these WinFax files or not since I have not tried it and it is beyond the scope of this forum.

    If they are “sent” faxes, you’re looking for files with the file extention “FXD” like 6420001.FXD, and “CVR” for cover pages.
    Received faxes have the “FXR” extension.
    Fax Attachments have the “FXS” and “FXM” extension.


    yeah I thought that would be the case!

    I have tried looking in the data file where all the logs are kept but they definately are gone!

    thanks for your help though 🙂


    in the winfax settings, under “Call Status & Controller” options, you can always turn off “empty wastebaskets on exit”

    that won’t fix your problem, but may help prevent you from accidently deleting items in the future.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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