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    We are using Winfax Pro 10 on a Windows XP operating system.
    As of this past month, everyone in our local area code is required to dial 1+ the area code and the telephone number for all calls. I have tried every possible combination to get Winfax to Dial ‘1’ before the local numbers that are within our phonebook, but have had no success. The only way I can find to make it work is to manual enter the number each time.
    Do you know of any way to work around this?


    if you need to dial +1 and area code for all calls, you need to alter your dialing settings. Make sure your local area code is set to dial 1 + area code for all calls under Arrea Code Rules.

    I’ve seen some messed up phonebooks (they were not properly formatted in the proper fields) so this may fail based on how your phonebooks are setup.

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    I hope I’m just having a Monday, but I cannot locate the Area Code Rules. I’ve looked in the manual, and the help text. I’ve gone to the dialing properties everyway I can think to get there, but all I see is : Location (new and remove), Country, Long distance access and International access, For this Device, the area code is:, Always dial area code, The phone number is:, dial prefix, Dial Suffix, use calling card, pulse dial. Nowhere is there a reference to the Area code rule.
    Again, this is Winfax Pro v10.0 (a prior admin set up the system, so we are all trying to figure out what he did. My apologies for sounding so dense!)


    Click on Tools, Program Setup, Dialing and Location.

    In the Dialing Setup, change the Country drop down selection from “United States (1)” to “Canada (1)”

    Does the “area code rule” button show up beside your area code?

    If so, leave the Country set to Canada (1)
    Make sure Long distance access is 1
    and International access is 011

    This is where is can get tricky, if your phonebook entries are properly formatted for 10 digit dialing, with your local area code (not just 7 digits) you can do the following:

    Change your local area code to “999”.

    What this does it will force WinFax to dial +1 and area code for all calls, except those in the “999” area code. Since “999” area code does not exist, it will never be dialed.

    The area code rules button lets you define any other rules you may require, but in your case this is not necessary.


    That did it! Just have to make sure we stay in Canada, I guess!

    Thank you very much

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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