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    I have been send doc file in send fax. Recently, I tried to send my pdf, word or any doc file to send fax. There is no doc attach to send fax area. This is my first time experienece it. Please help me.


    WinFax PRO version?
    Windows version? service pack?

    to determine what the problem is, try the following

    start the WinFax Controller (yellow icon on system tray should appear)
    click start, control panel, printers & faxes
    select the WinFax printer, right-click, select properties
    click Print Test Page.
    The Send dialog box should appear
    The Windows Printer test page should appear in the thumbnail (along with a cover page if this option is enabled)

    repeat same test with WinFax (Photo Quality) printer driver.

    If Windows test page does not appear it is possible you have a problem with printer drivers settings, port settings, and or other issue with WinFax

    there is a program available for premium members that can scan for these problems and adjust them accordingly,

    you can try a reinstall the WinFax PRO printer drivers
    (there is a tool in the WinFax folder called INSPRINT.EXE that can re-install printer drivers for you)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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