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    I get a message “Error writing to Message Store Please restart the “

    when trying to receive a fax. I have received this message for two different faxes being sent to me by two separate companies.

    I have the WinFax Pro 10.0 with Smartlink modum.

    The manual does not address this problem and I have no idea where to go from here.

    If anyone has any idea what this is or how to fix it, I would greatly appreciate it.



    the full error message is “Error writing to Message Store Please restart the Controller”

    This appears to be a problem writing the information of the received fax into the default receive logs.

    Does the error occur after you receive the fax, or immediately once WinFax starts to receive the 1st page?


    The error occurs after the the last page of the fax has been sent. It looks like the fax has gone through, but instead of the prompt coming up saying I have a new fax, I receive the error instead.

    Thanks for your help.


    Do you have many faxes (files) in your WinFax DATA directory ? In many cases this is a problem with unable to write a new entry in the default message stores because they contain too many entries. We’ve come across a few of these types of problems while troubleshooting WinFax setups.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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