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    Hi, seams to be impossible to fax from Xp by isdn modem througnt winfax basic, is this true?


    the only version of WinFax that is supported with Windows XP is version 10.02. Symantec also released WinFax Basic Edition 10.02 with Norton SystemWorks 2002.


    After installing Winfax on my new XP computer there are difficulties to install the two printers. There was a problem with live update, so I de-installed the program and make a correction for live update with a new installation with system works. But to install Winfax after that gave the problem with the 2 printers

    I can fax with the program itself, but not in another program, because there are no two printers in section of windows for fax and printers.

    I de-instal the program en reboot etc etc, but no way. I tried to reinstall the printers with maintenance utility, but no and no again.

    Who can help me??

    Herman L.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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