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    I recently had a virus in my computer and had to reload all of my files including Winfax Pro 10.0. I was able to save my archive files with the extension FXD but don’t know where to place them in the program so I can access them when I start the system. Any ideas?


    files with the FXD extension are sent faxes, and will have filenames such as 5687001.FXD, 5687002.FXD 5687003.FXD (and example of a 3 page fax, three FXD files)
    If your current log structure points to these filenames, then simply moving them back to your WINFAXDATA directory should be enough to restore.
    But — if you don’t have a log to match these filenames, then they will not appear.

    What did you backup? just FXD files, or your entire WINFAXDATA directory?

    I am assuming the WinFax install is brand new, so your current WinFax installation contains only the fresh install with no original data?


    I saved only the FXD files from my previous installation. I assume this is not adequate, but is there anyway I can use these files?


    you can add all your FXD files as attachments, this will at least allow you some method to organize and view them.
    If you go into the attachments, you can Add an attachment (the FXD files). Here you can select multiple attachments to add (use control key to select more than one)

    here are instructions on how to do this:

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    Thank you, that worked fine.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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