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    I have a machine setup as fax sharing host and a bunch of workstations run fax sharing client. When a fax comes in at the host, everyone is now notified and they have to check and see if it’s their fax or not. Is there any way to have the person that sits at the fax host to review the fax and then place it in a folder for the person it’s addressed to? Or is there some better (or any) way to send the fax to a workstation (or notify them)?


    there isn’t any specific automatic forwarding of faxes based on the user, but you could manually move faxes to a new shared read only message stored specific for each user.

    create the message stores on the Host machine for each user in a separate directory. The location should be somewhere the clients can access. Then on each WinFax client, create a new message store that links to this same message store created on the Host, as read only.

    Someone on the host manually drags and drops the faxes from the Receive log to the proper folder and it should then appear on the client machine’s new message store.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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