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    I’m using Winfax 10.04 on a network. On occasion, a fax sent from a client is listed as failed with a red X but listed as successfully sent at the host. When the fax is resent from the client it is again listed as failed but still sent from the host. Any ideas on whether we have an incorrect setup?

    Thank you.


    Symantec has a technical document on this problem here:


    I believe it is the time difference between the client pc and the host pc,
    all the other suggestions are ok, but they probably won’t solve this problem.


    Thank you.


    The symantec webpage is no longer posted on their website so the instructions are not available. IS there a posting somewhere that i can access? Also, if time synchronization is the issue, how does one synchronize the time with several computers on a network? And keep the time synchronized (and not drift over time)? Thank you.


    unfortunately, Symantec has removed all documents on WinFax from their servers.
    here is some of the information that was included in the symantec document:

    Check the system time
    This situation may be caused by a difference in the time and date settings between the client and the host. Make sure these settings are as precise as possible on each machine. Certain network operating systems such as Novell NetWare allow for time synchronization on all client computers. Setting this up on your network should resolve the issue.

    If the time cannot be synchronized, set the time on the host a few minutes earlier than the time on the clients.

    An excellent way to synchronize the time is to execute a NET command on the client. At a DOS prompt, or in the Run box, enter the following command.

    As an example:

    net time \ /set /yes [Enter]
    net time \host_system /set /yes [Enter]

    The client’s clock is set to match that of the fax-sharing or message-sharing host. The command can also be included in a batch file in the Windows StartUp group to automatically ensure that all clients are set to the same time as the host.


    This is absolutely wonderful information. I will give these solutions a try and report back to the forum. Thank you very much.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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