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    When we send out our weekly faxes to all our customers, Winfax will not send to the complete list. It used to work fine. Thank!


    I figured it out, but thanks. At 3:30 AM our faxing would stop. The reason was we had our Updates schedualed at that time. In cases where an update (usually 3-4 updates a week) has to shut down & reboot, the system would do so therby stopping the fax process.

    Go to your control panel and change the system updates to “notify me” or just turn it off the nights you fax.

    Love this site! Thanks :;):


    Glad you figured it out because I was going to ask for more information.

    One option is to have the WinFax Controller in your startup group, so when the computer does reboot for any reason, it will continue to send faxes that are left in the queue when the Controller starts again.

    Although, if you only do occassional faxing (1 time a week etc) you might not want to always have the Controller start with Windows.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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