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    David Hope

    When sending faxes using WinfaxPro 10, from Word XP on Windows XP, the faxes arrive at the destination fax device ‘cut-off’ at the bottom. I’ve tried everying, what am I doing wrong? many thanks for any suggestions.


    there is no real solution to this, because when you change the printer driver to WinFax, you are really changing the output to match 200×100 or 200×200 dpi resolution. If you have a 600dpi printer driver, and switch to the fax driver (200dpi) you will notice this change in formatting.

    Once suggestion would be to set the driver to WinFax first, then create your document.

    here are some things to check first:

    page orientation in Word (for 8.5×11 faxing)
    try sending to other fax machines (may be a problem with the machine you are sending to, or a problem with compatibility with your fax modem and the specific fax machine.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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