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    I can’t receive fax using my winfax pro 10. It has been working fine for over a year, but for last few days it is not receiving any faxes. I get an error saying ” Call Cancelled”

    OS: Win Xp Sp2

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the WinFax software, but in vain. still same problem.


    WinFax Pro 10.0
    Win Xp Sp2

    Following are the details of my modem

    Agere system PCI-SV92PP Soft Modem
    initilize rate: 19200
    Modem Type: Class1

    My modem is connected toa regular or celular line

    initialization string
    1) AT&F&C1&D2S7=60

    Flow Control: AT+IFC=2,2;

    Tried hardware flow control ( enable and disabled)

    Reset ATZ


    Can you successfully send faxes using the same modem? and, is the phone line a standard telephone line and not VoIP?


    Hi thanks for reply.

    I can’t send any fax either. It says no dial tone. I am using a regular phone line.

    I have a fax machiene on the same number and it works fine. Both sending and receiving are fine on this machiene. I have set it to responce after 4 rings. My winFax Pro is set to respond after 2 rings.

    I also forgot to mention that while receiving fax it also says ” Phone call without message”


    How to test modem dialing using HyperTerminal

    WinFax PRO/TalkWorks PRO does not dial out correctly through the modem and you would like to test the dialing capabilities of the modem directly.

    NOTE: Make sure you are dialing the correct number and that the call is being answered by a fax device. If it is a long distance call, make sure the dial setup is correct.

    The HyperTerminal program is included with all Windows operating systems, and may or may not be installed when the operating system was installed.

    To install HyperTerminal, please see the operating system User’s Guide.

    Test the modem in HyperTerminal:

    Exit all open Communications programs.
    Click Start, point to Programs, Accessories, and then click HyperTerminal. The HyperTerminal folder window appears.
    Double-click HyperTerminal or Hypertrm.exe. The HyperTerminal window appears.
    Type any name for the connection in the Name field of the Connection Description dialog box.
    Click OK. The Phone Number dialog box appears.
    Type any number in the Phone Number field.
    Select the modem from the “Connect Using” drop-down list. The default selection will do in most cases.
    Click OK. The Connect dialog box appears.
    Click Cancel.
    In the blank HyperTerminal window, type atz and then press Enter. The modem should respond with OK. If the modem does not respond or does not respond with OK, it is not configured properly in Windows.
    Type at+fclass=1 and then press Enter. The modem should respond with OK.

    If the modem responds with Error, type at+fclass=2 and then press Enter.

    If the modem does not respond with OK, the modem does not support faxing, or is not properly configured for faxing.

    In the HyperTerminal window,

    type atdt
    and then press Enter.

    NOTE: The refers to the exact dialing sequence of a number. If you need to dial a prefix, add it here as well. You should hear the modem pick up and dial the number.

    In the HyperTerminal window, type atz and press Enter. You should receive an OK.

    Close HyperTerminal. There is no need to save the changes.

    Evaluating the results

    If you receive a response of “no dialtone”, “no carrier” or “busy”, you need to ensure the modem is properly connected to the regular phone line, setup properly in Windows and /or contact the phone company for assistance.

    If you receive a response of “ERROR”, then the problem is with the modem. Please refer to the modem’s User Guide, or refer to the modem manufacturer’s Web site for further assistance.

    If it dials correctly (the other ends answers and tries to connect), then verify that WinFax PRO/TalkWorks PRO is dialing the exact same sequence you used in the HyperTerminal test. In Program Setup, double-click Dialing & Locations to verify the WinFax dialing configuration. Disabling “Detect Dialtone” and “Detect Busy” may also help with dialing problems.

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