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    Hi, I am new to the forum but not to Winfax, I have bought and used every version since the first Delrina Lite (1989 or 1990) that came bundled with something else I bought, and every version since then. so I am very familiar with the product. I now have the same problem with Fax sharing that everybody is wriiting about. I have two new installs on new XP S2P2 computers and have the 10.03 CD and upgraded to 10.04 from the Symantec site. I have followed both the suggestion outlined by Symantec and the posts on this forum to reverse the security settings and still no luck.
    Both computers can ping each other and share files, but I get the access denied message. I have not done uninstall and reinstall like some others, the host is configured and can send and receive faxes but the client keeps getting that dreaded message.
    Question: Is this Fax sharing feature working reliably for anybody and if so, is there a sure way to replicate those settings, or is it a gamble that sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t regardless of what you do.
    2nd question: I have another computer that has Win 98SE with Winfax 10.0 as a host and another XP S2P2 as a client and they work OK, if this is a reliable setup, can I easily uninstall the 10.04 form the other XP S2P2 computers and install either 10.0 or 10.03 and run them thru the Win 98SE as a host?


    I addressed the previous post to “MODERATOR” but I would welcome comments from anyone that has something to offer.

    Yeah, it is XP SP2, somehow S2P2 sounds right to me too.


    Don’t Give UP… :O ….There is no substitute. Every year I hunt for a replacement, and I keep coming back to Talkworks/WinFax. ??? The problem is both a firewall & Dcom issue. :angry: Follow these instructions; http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT….1425704 And all should once again be right in your world. 😎

    All my talkworks needs is a previewer for outlook, or the ability to send its attachments in a PDF or TIF, then I could go on for another 10 years.—-and an x64 printer driver, of course. 🙂


    Yes… don’t give up!

    Please check out my post “Possible Fix for Connecting to Host” and let us know if it helps!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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