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    I’m going to buy WinFax Pro 10 to install it on a Win NT 4 Server.
    It only had to send faxes (no receive) from ASP (VBScript, IIS).

    Now I’m testing it (trial version) on Win 2K Pro.

    Before buying it a need answers to the following questions:
    1) can I install and use WinFax on a server machine (I read about
    some problem over Win NT Srv and Win 2K srv)?
    2) now I have problems faxing when the user is logged off the
    machine. I suppose the problem depends from then “form that appears
    each time the service starts remembering me the trial days remaining”
    but I’m not sure; with the full version can I send faxes with the
    user logged off?
    3) if I attach a file which extension is “known” from the system I
    don’t need to convert it and I can fax it “normally”?

    Thanks in advance…..
    Alessio Garbi


    Hi Alessio,
    Unfortunately, you need to be logged in to be able to send faxes. The SDK works only when the Controller is activated on the PC. There is something called the WinFax Service that will load on NT/2000/XP machines, but it does not contain any SDK code so you can’t run any of your automated applications with this. Therefore, a user must be logged on to the PC and the Controller active before you can use any SDK function.

    As for using Win NT 4.0 Server, you should be OK.

    For attachments, the attachment type must be “known” or “associated” in Windows for that operation to work. Not all attachments will convert properly, you can test it out by setting the Printer to WinFax and then right-clicking a file in Explorer and selecting “Print”. If it prints properly, then it should function with WinFax.


    And if I run the “winfax controller program” as a NT service (i think there is an utility in the NT Resource Kit that can do that), do you think it’ll work properly?


    I don’t think you can run the Controller (wfxctl32.exe) as a service, but you can try.. Are services programmed differently than a regular app? I would assume so, I am not too familiar with the development of services. I would assume this wouldn’t work, because if it did, Symantec would have probably used the Controller instead of developing another “service” to be used!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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