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    Ok here are the details on version 10.03:

    First, yes it does exist. Does it fix SDK problems? Well, we haven’t confirmed it but it seems from initial reports that it does NOT fix the SDK problems that many are having with Windows XP.

    What it does fix is a mail merge issue with Windows XP, which is actually a SDK related problem.

    How do you get it? Well you can’t download it because it is not a patch (like they used to do before at Symantec) but rather it is another full version like 10.02 that you need to install overtop of your existing version (if that poses more problems we shall soon see)

    The only way you can get version 10.03 is if :

    1. You happen to purchase a new package of WinFax PRO 10 from a vendor who is currently selling new stock release 10.03.
    (Not something a current owner of WinFax would do unless you want to buy an additional copy)

    2. You buy WinFax PRO 10 direct from Symantec and by chance, they send you new stock of 10.03. Again, not a good idea if you are a current owner of WinFax (unless you want to buy an additional copy)

    3. You call Spectrum Technical Support and complain why your mail merge does not work with Windows XP, or some other Office XP incompatibility and they will send you version 10.03 at no charge + take your credit card info to charge you a shipping & handling fee (I am not sure what that is, probably between $10-$20)

    Good luck, and if you can provide any additional details regarding this please post the info.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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